Welcome to GitLab Development Standards’s documentation!

This guide is for small software development team which use GitLab [1] as the only one tool to manage their daily work. If you are in a team like this, this documentation may help you and your team, no matter you are a project member or project owner.

GitLab provides Git repository management, code reviews, issue tracking, activity feeds and wikis. GitLab itself is also free software. GitLab also have integrated CI and CD to test, build and deploy your code.


This guide is summaried from many many open sourced projects, and apply them to GitLab. Some of them maybe not so professional and perfect, but if you have no guide for your team at this moment, then this one will be a good one for you, if you have a better one, please give us some suggestions. Thanks.


There are many content need to be added. Please give us some suggestion through issues or PRs. Thanks.



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